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Posted by frozen.fallout

Due to a health condition our GM for RPG17105979 Madtown Summit, Kindred Faction will not able to make it to Gen Con.  We are currently seeking a GM to run this 8 hour event.

Madtown Summit, Kindred Faction is a 10 person tabletop even that is part of a 4 table oWoD game set in Madison WI.  This will be a 8 hour tabletop event focused on politics and playing leaders of the supernatural community.

For more details please visit

Expectations of GM:

1. Meet once every other week for 2 hours 

2. Update pre-existing character sheets for the 2017 event

3. Update Vampire plot for the 2017 event

4. Work with 3 other GMs to create a coordinated module for 2017

5. Understanding of the Vampire the Masquerade Metaplot

6. Familiarize yourself with our Metaplot

This will be my 4th Gen Con that I have GMed oWoD tabletop and this will be our second year for our 4 table event. So we have a good database and structure for you to work with. 

If you are interested in working with us please comment here or email me at [email protected]

Posted by frozen.fallout

We have found our Vampire GM.  Thank you all who contacted me.  If anyone is interested in working with us for next Gen Con please feel free to contact me we might expand depending on how things go or if anyone would just be interested in giving us input or would like to look over our game.   

Thank you for your time,
Joshua Guldan
Head GM for Madison Under Siege

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