Survivor; Retaliation
Posted by patriotx

This is my second year running a GenCon Survivor game. It went very well last year. I picked up the torch from a previous person who ran the event but is no longer able to attend GenCon. My question is, like the person running the event before me, I've been listing this as a LARP event. I'm wondering if it wouldn't better be better to list it under a different category (like Isle of Misfit Games).

If you enjoy the Survivor show, then join us for a day of Outwitting, Outlasting & Outplaying. Win challenges, master the social game & don't get voted off the island. Be careful, those wronged by you may get their chance at retaliation. The first 6 players voted off will get to join the Retalition tribe. It will allow for them to have some impact on the game, get some possible revenge and two of them will get to come back into the game. Be careful who you betray, they may just get a chance to exact their vengeance. There will be cash prizes awarded.

Posted by derekguder

Basically, my litmus test for whether something is a LARP or not is whether there is:

  1. Characters players are expected to role play (which usually means a name a history, whether pre-generated or not - but not just a "role" like in Are You A Werewolf?).
  2. A story for them to experience/interact with.

If you don't feel like you have both of those to some degree, then it's probably better suited as ZED, yeah. You can always submit it as such in the future.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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