Gen Con Online Code of Conduct

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Be Safe, Play Nice, Have Fun.

Welcome to Gen Con Online! Just like at our convention in Indianapolis, we want Gen Con Online to be a safe and inclusive space where everyone can enjoy The Best Four Days in Gaming, even if we can’t be together in person. In addition to our normal show policies, we require everyone to observe the following:

  • Play nice and be safe
    • Support each other in maintaining a safe environment, whether you’re a first-timer or a Gen Con veteran. We won’t allow behavior or content designed to exploit, harm, or threaten anyone. When threatening, abusive, or insulting language is used against another member of the Gen Con community, it undermines everyone’s ability to enjoy themselves. Don’t do it.
    • No stealing, cheating, trolling, or griefing.
    • Win or lose, be a good sport.
    • Did someone have a great game? Let them know!
  • Our Anti-Harassment Policy and this Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced, to the maximum extent possible and to the best of our ability given the online-only nature of our show this year. We have zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, ableism, body shaming, and misogyny, including microaggressions. Not sure what those are? Find out more here:
  • Consider the event descriptions carefully before registering for Gen Con Online events. We do our best to ensure that event descriptions are accurate, but descriptions are only as good as the event organizer/GM has chosen to make them. If you have questions ask the GM first before joining the game.
  • When you join an event or click on a link taking you away from, you are effectively on your own. We work closely with all of our partners and have standards for what can and cannot be a part of this convention, but we cannot control each and every interaction or web link that may be sourced through Gen Con Online. As always, when on the Internet or interacting on social platforms, proceed with caution, use good judgement, and don’t divulge personally identifying information unless you are 100% comfortable with the recipients and their privacy practices.
  • Keep it legal. Gen Con Online is available in countries all over the world, and it’s important that people of all backgrounds feel safe and comfortable while participating. To help ensure this, we must respect local laws and will remove content or behavior that advocates or promotes illegal activities. No piracy, either.
  • If you encounter a problem, please let us know! We cannot address an issue unless we know about it first. Email us at [email protected]. For more immediate assistance, get in touch with a moderator on the #help-desk channel on Discord.

Furthermore, the following rules are in effect for all of our online platforms:

  • You must be 13 years of age to register for Gen Con Online badges or ticketed events. If you as a parent or guardian are registered for an event, your under-13 child may observe or participate at the discretion of your GM or event organizer.
  • No advertisement on Gen Con Online Discord, Twitch chat, Gen Con Forums, or Gen Con social media unless you are advertising for a game you’re running at Gen Con Online in the appropriate channel or are an authorized Gen Con advertiser or sponsor.
  • On all platforms, keep conversations on topic and in the appropriate channel.
  • Do not create profile pics, usernames, or profile descriptions that are hurtful or offensive.
  • No 18+/NSFW content.
  • If at any time someone makes you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to reach out to a moderator and they will address any issues.

Everyone should observe commonsense rules for behavior, personal interaction, courtesy, and respect. Gen Con reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the registration and badge of any participant not in compliance with this Code of Conduct.

If you have a question about a certain policy or guideline, be sure to read through all of our policies, but if that still doesn’t answer your question, email [email protected]. Game on!