First Exposure Playtest Online 2020

Experience First Exposure Playtest Online!

Presented by Double Exposure (organizers of METATOPIA, DEXCON, DREAMATION, and the Envoy Program), who have adapted their unique play testing formulas and systems to Gen Con Online.

Designers and publishers will present their prototypes in the First Exposure Playtest Online (FEPO) and Gen Con Online attendees have a chance to play them for free. Tabletop Simulator (for board and card games) and Zoom (for some role playing games) will be used to recreate the experience of matching players to playtests that they will enjoy. Check-in for ticketed players and processing of "walk-up" players will take place in the Gen Con Online Discord during the convention.

For players, this is an opportunity to get a peek into the game design process and help make the next generation of games even better - you may even get named in the playtest credits of an upcoming release! For each session, players will have a chance to see what kind of games are available to try out, and FEPO staff will place them in playtests that match their interests whenever possible.

How to Participate!

The FEPO is scheduled in thirteen 2-hour sessions throughout Gen Con Online. Players can get FREE tickets to individual sessions just like any other event through the Find Events tool. Reserve your spot in one of these playtest sessions by registering for a ticket, and completing the necessary google form.

If you do not have a ticket to a session, "walk-up" players can often be accommodated. To do so, join the Gen Con Online Discord and head to the 'First Exposure Playtest Online' channels to request to be a standby player. FEPO staff will present to assist and answer any questions throughout the convention.

If you have any questions about FEPO in advance, please email [email protected].

Note: Applications for designers and publishers to have their game-in-development included in FEPO are now closed. Designers and publishers who are participating can continue to access the Policies Document or contact Double Exposure if you have any questions.