Pop-Up Gen Con 2021

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Pop-Up Gen Con 2021!

Pop-Up Gen Con brings a bit of the Gen Con convention experience to your friendly local game store with newly released games from select publishers, demos, events, and sales.

Gather with your local gaming community and try out hot new games before anyone else, all from the comfort of your friendly local game store. Each FLGS will determine how they want to host this event based on COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and conditions in their area.

Pop-Up Gen Con will take place on Saturday, September 18.

Participating Publishers

We're excited to announce the following publishers who will be offering newly release games for Pop-Up Gen Con.

Specific game titles will be announced later, so stay tuned!

If you can't make it to Gen Con Indy this year or can only come for a day, check out Pop-Up Gen Con at your local game store!

Up to date announcements regrading Pop-Up Gen Con including badge registration ($5), participating FLGS, the games that will a part of the program, and much more made via our newsletter and social media channels.

Retailers: Information about being a Pop-Up Gen Con host is posted under the Pop-Up Gen Con - Host page. Thank you for your interest!

*Photos courtesy of Pop-Up Gen Con 2019 Host Labyrinth Games