Gen Con Announces Pop-Up Convention Activations in US Game Stores


INDIANAPOLIS (May 3, 2019) — Gen Con, the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America, announces Pop-Up Gen Con, a new retail initiative bringing the convention experience to local game stores across the United States during Gen Con 2019 this August.

“We’re excited to bring the Gen Con experience to more tabletop gaming fans than ever before through our new Pop-Up Gen Con program,” said Gen Con President David Hoppe. “Local game stores that combine community space with traditional retail are the heart of the hobby, and we’re proud to be a part of that by connecting with gamers nationwide.”

In partnership with Alliance Game Distributors, the pilot-year program will deliver pre-release copies of new games from major publishers to participating stores, giving Pop-Up Gen Con attendees the opportunity to play and pre-order convention-release games before they hit the market.

“As a leader in the hobby game business, we are excited to be working with the clear leader on the hobby game convention circuit,” said Mike Webb, VP of Marketing for Alliance Game Distributors. “The opportunity to bring a slice of the excitement of Gen Con to Friendly Local Game Stores around the country is a dream come true.”

In the pilot year of the Pop-Up Gen Con program, activations will occur at approximately 40 game stores across the United States. In-store experiences will offer space to play pre-release copies of the featured games, and video content will be streamed live from the Indiana Convention Center.

“Gen Con has been the most influential gaming convention in the world for decades. Many gamers look at attending the show as a bucket-list event,” said Travis Severance, Owner of popular Rochester, NY game store Millennium Games. “Having the opportunity to bring a little taste of that to local customers is a great opportunity and a huge honor. We look forward to an exciting premier year and many more to come.”

Information about participating stores, featured games, and attendee registration will be announced in the coming months on the Gen Con website. Pop-Up Gen Con registration will be available for a small fee and include a commemorative badge and an exclusive pin.

Gen Con returns to Indianapolis (and comes to a store near you) August 1-4, 2019.

About Gen Con

Gen Con is the largest and longest-running annual event devoted to tabletop gaming culture in North America. The convention, which began in 1968 in Lake Geneva, WI, attracts 70,000 attendees and 520 exhibiting companies each year. During the convention, attendees choose from 17,000 ticketed events representing a wide array of board games, card games, roleplaying games, seminars, entertainment events, and more. Gen Con takes place each August in the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and surrounding downtown hotel spaces in Indianapolis, IN.

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