Posted by ubermx

Has there been any discussion for auctioning off VIG or two for charity? Thanks. 

Posted by austicke

Nope, not that I've heard.

Posted by quarex

Is this just an idea you had that you wondered if Gen-Con had considered, or was there some coy comment from an official source somewhere?

Posted by ubermx

I wish I was an official source. Since the Gencon auction does a charity session each year, I wasn't sure if they had ever auctioned off a VIG.

Posted by quarex

As far as I know this year was the first year Gen-Con proper formally got involved with the Auction for something to be bid on for charity, and it was just to request we allow in a few carpet squares despite them being banned otherwise.  There is not much direct connection between the Auction and Gen-Con other than the negotiations as to where to put us and how much space we get, haha. 

Posted by random_axcess

Just from an outside perspective it seems GenCon begrudgingly tolerates the auction more than support it or even uses it as a marketing opportunity to support charity involvement.

I was supper worried this year when the location change was announced, but looking at the sales numbers this year was thankfully fantastic!

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