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Posted by wallwalla547

I had my badge delivered, but now I have to go to the will call line to get my physical event tickets. Can’t we make all events e-tickets so I can just use my badge? This would be a much better user experience and help cut down the will call line. 

Posted by silenthgaming

You're on the same page as me, it's illogical to have a barcode on your chest, which is required, and linked to your account, that cannot reference the tickets. It's wasteful both from a time perspective and a planetary perspective and I'm actively trying to chase down the best person to work this project down with because it's my 2nd con and the Will call line literally wraps around the building this year.

Posted by helenbb

I’m fine with either paper or electronic tickets (there are advantages and disadvantages to each) but this mix of tickets is the worst of both worlds. The should be one method for tickets.

Posted by holyemperor

Not a lot of fun to drive from out of town and pay not an insignificant sum to stand in line all day.  We're tech saavy people; this is unnecessary.

Posted by tdb

I'm not sure how many GM's Gencon has, but it takes about 3 RPG sessions to earn a badge, so dividing the number of events by 3 might give us a rough number of GM's.  There are just over 20,000 events, so that gives us around 6700 GM's.

That means that Gencon has to play IT help desk for an extra 6,700 people.


Posted by edwardkgill

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Posted by samanta_d edwardkgill

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Posted by angel17

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