Exhibit Hall Map Error?
Posted by grud

Yes, it just dropped a little while ago, but I've seen at least one error on the Exhibition Hall Map.  Looking at the two Booths for Iron Wind Metals, the index lists them as 1537 and 1539, but looking at the map, there IS no 1537.  There's a 129, with 1539 behind it, so I'm guessing the "129" is SUPPOSED to be 1537.

Doing a Search of the map, I see Booth 129 is Supposed to be "Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art", but it's strange that Ruth has FOUR booths labeled 129.  o_O 

One is where you'd expect to find it, in Aisle 100.
The Second is in aisle 1200, I'm Guessing where Booth 1249 is, since it is across from Booth 1149, and others along that row start with xx49 as well.
The Third is in aisle 1300, and I'm Guessing should be Booth 1349, because it is across from 1449.
The Fourth (actually the 1st one I noticed) is in aisle 1500, just "below" Booth 1539, and again I'm guessing that one is Supposed to be 1537.

Sure, Crystal Caste has 3 different booths, but they're scattered around and have DIFFERENT booth numbers!  =D  Anyway, maybe someone will see this and let someone at GC LLC know about it?  PLENTY of time to get the map corrected!

Posted by galvatron42

I can not find the map on the Gen Con site

Posted by austicke galvatron42

galvatron42 wrote:I can not find the map on the Gen Con site


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