Adding Friends
Posted by faffyham

What is the reasoning behind the way friends are added to the family and friends, why the need for double requests?

More specific why do each member have to accept each others friend requests? Right now if two people want to be friends and buy tickets for each other, they both have to send friend requests and they both have to accept each others friend requests to be on each others list.

Currently, Person A sends Person B a friend request. B accepts, and B is now listed as a friend on A's list, but A is not listed on B's list. So B will then additionally have to send A a separate friend request to get A listed on their friends list.

Wouldn't it be easier and make more sense to have it when someone marks an "accept" response to a friend request, it adds each other as a friend on the respective friends list (ala every social media platform ever)? It is confusing to new members as they accept a friend request from someone and assume it works like other platforms, and don't realize they then have to send a request back.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

I can see cases where you want one-way friends, especially for the hardcore TD players.  Person A books the event for a whole group, but there’s no reason that everyone in the group needs to have A as a friend of theirs.

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