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Posted by oldswampgas

I am trying to get a ticket for the cosplay deviants show, but it will not let me purchase because there is a 30 minute overlap with the mystery science theatre 3000.  Is there any way to purchase the tickets for the cosplay show?

Posted by marimaccadmin

Most events do not allow conflicts, sorry.

Marian McBrine 
Event Coordinator 
Gen Con LLC

Posted by oldswampgas

Thanks , I understand, but the cosplay deviant event starts just before the other ends and lasts for five hours. We would basically be arriving 30 minutes after it starts.... Is no one allowed in after the start time?

Posted by parody

The nature of the event (I'm assuming you're talking about their party, as that appears to be their only five hour event) doesn't matter to the registration system.  If an event is set to not allow overlaps (and most are) then you can't have overlaps.  Sorry.

Their EO could (I believe) ask for the event to allow overlaps; you could email their EO about it.  (There's an email address in the system for them.)

One workaround is to have someone you know who is going and doesn't have an overlap buy a ticket for you.  Alternatively, if it's not going to sell out, just show up with generics.  I don't know how well that works for a party, but (again) you could email their EO and ask.

Good luck!

Posted by oldswampgas

Yes, that helps! I will email the event EO.

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