2024 D&D Open PHB?
Posted by bergec

What do people think the odds are that participants in the D&D Open will get advance copies of the new PHB like they did back in 2014? I know that there was a lot of disappointment in subsequent years because these events didn't have the same level of swag as they did that first year. 

Posted by wavester

Just to clarify:

Players in the D&D Open did not get PHB's in 2014. Players in the D&D All Access Pass did.  

Part of the reason I changed it was because it was a doomed to fail process. You cannot continue, year after year, to exceed the previous years expectations. Just not sustainable.

We've since gone to a model, and expectations from it, that you will 100% get what is listed in the event. If you are wistfully hoping for more that is fine but don't come crying about not getting something later.

I now return everybody to dreams of PHB's and Gen Con.

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