The “Second Wave”?
Posted by irrg

This'll be the third Gen Con for my wife and I but the first for three friends that we've somehow tricked into going. They all didn't do great on wishlist processing. My wife decided to log into a non-Chrome browser almost at the exact moment the clock hit noon and her list processed as the thirteenth one — this has never happened for us — so we have a few events with all or some of our group depending on interests… but I'd like to help them by alerting them when more stuff goes up.

Last year we got shafted on wishlists and ended up patching up our list with events that were added later. Now, I'm not sure what this means for my mental condition but I can't recall a thing about when these events went online, when we picked them, and whether or not they came in a big bulk addition (a “Second Wave” of events) or if they were added piecemeal and that we just weren't paying attention for a while.

So… is the second wave a thing or am I losing it? A lot of Gen Con planning last year happened at a busy time so I've kinddd of forgotten a lot. 

Posted by loon

It's piecemeal. Whenever events get scheduled and approved, they go up. I follow events at

Go up to the changes part of the taskbar up top.

Posted by billiam73

Just as a heads up, I had my event processed this morning.  It's not live yet, but last year it happened very soon thereafter.  I bet there are a bunch of events that will be joining into the system today, so I would keep an eye out!

Posted by brumcg

This tool is great for tracking events that are added to the catalog.  I've had great luck getting into events this way.

Posted by billiam73

As expected, mine just went live here:

I bet there's a bunch of other new stuff in there, too.  Good luck!

Posted by irrg

so yeah, there is a second wave. Sort of. Mostly CCG stuff?

430 new events.

Posted by irrg

Posted by lore seeker

And still no official Force of Will tournaments...

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