Wed gaming space
Posted by drmean

I think Derek already answered this, but I can't seem to find it now. Are we allowed to do some gaming in the ICC halls on Wed? Seems like it wouldn't be a problem. Aside from maybe finding one of those large coffee tables to play on. Just want to make sure though.

Posted by austicke

He said Union Station was available on Wednesday, but he was referring to scheduled events.

Posted by aklevah

No, you can't game in the convention center on Wednesday.  It is a problem.

Posted by zaphod

You can game on the tables that are open in the cooridors (food court tables etc).  There are quite a few of them around.  Most people game in the hotel lobbies though.  Unfortunately, Gen Con has been extremely resistant to providing space on Wed.  You can schedule events at the Union Station, but most people can't do rigid schedules on Wed.

The end result is unfortunately 30,000 or so people that just try and grab tables anywhere doentown that they can find.

Posted by marimaccadmin


It is an incorrect statement of fact to say that Gen Con has been extremely resistant to providing space on Wednesday.  I understand that it is your position, that you have stated repeatedly, that you, personally, are unhappy with the level of support that Gen Con provides on Wednesday, and you're welcome to your opinion, but you cannot, accurately, say that Gen Con is resistant to providing space on Wednesday, when we provide a large amount of space at Union Station.  This is in fact something that you have repeatedly, and incorrectly, argued, and this is the last time I'm going to remind you that this is an incorrect statement of fact.  You have repeatedly stated you think there are thousands of people walking around looking for a table on Wednesday night who cannot find space to game, you've been repeatedly told we have no evidence of that, and you've repeatedly failed to provide us evidence of that.  Your personal issue regarding Wednesday night space has been noted, and does not need to be stated again.

For everyone else reading this thread, Gen Con has space in the Union Station area.  There is scheduled gaming, but there is also an HQ there which you can ask for an open table, and they'll help you if they can.  You cannot game in the ICC halls on Wednesday; that's a set up day only, and you'll likely be asked to leave if you're actually running a game.  If you can't be accommodated at Union Station, I do recommend you look into KFG Wednesday night gaming, or some other public space such as a hotel lobby.  Wednesday is not an official day of Gen Con, but we do provide some space at Union Station for early arrivers to game.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by drmean

Thanks for the official word marimacc. Don't really see the problem though. People are already roaming the halls. But thems the rules, so that is that.

I know the Stink always has the big Union Station ballroom booked with lots of tables. I've got a ticket, but I don't think the rest of the group does. Didn't know there was open public space there. We'll try that first. Just need a small table for an RPG game on Wed.

Posted by marimaccadmin

No problem Dr. Mean,

Basically, it comes down to whether Wednesday is a set up day, or an event day.  If you rent a whole convention center, it's cheaper to rent it for a set up day than an event day.  If you're found to be running events on a set up day, well, you're going to be charged the difference by the convention center.  So, while I get that it's tempting to sit down and play games in the ICC on Wednesday, that's why, if a staffer sees you doing anything other than setting up or picking up your badges/tickets, you'll be asked to come back on Thursday AM.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by braewe

Also while the Stink is a ticketed event, by no means are tickets necessary. Just wait until the first flow is in and then step up. Union Station is actually pretty big, plus as mentioned somewhere, the hotels themselves are pretty gamer-friendly. After all, gamers tend to get hungry and most hotels have that handy dandy restaurant just /waiting/ to take your money.


Posted by brotherbock

Are all the little rooms in Union Station, I. E. New York, etc, available Wed? That's a ton of room.

Posted by zaphod marimaccadmin

Those rooms are usually the ones for scheduled events.  We have tried to use some of the free tables in the Union Station for open gaming in the past, but unfortunately we were told we could not use them by Gen Con staffers.

Posted by marimaccadmin

You can't use tables that are booked for a game shortly, but you can always ask the HQ if there are any free tables.

Posted by braewe

That is the case everywhere throughout the con...just ask an HQ fior an open space for x time. We tried this for the first time last year, worked like a charm. They did come through once and ask to see badges but otherwise we weren't bothered at all.

<edit> We did this in the JW, got two adjoining tables in one of the side rooms, but it wasn't a peak time either. So if you try this saturday afternoon, ymmv.

Posted by pezkat

KFG actually runs game Tuesday evening and during the day on Wed. but not Wednesday evening.  Sign-ups are here thru the end of this week: 

Posted by aklevah

I would not call the Tuesday evening event by KFG a gaming event.  It is a pub craw.  2 hours at the Ram followed by moving the party to Scotty's.

Posted by jhs

Hotel bars are a good place to check if everyone is of age.  They have beer, too!

Posted by rhone1

Our group usually runs pick up games in one of the connecting hotels.  Tables will already be set up at the Hyatt, Westin and Marriott.  We get set up and ask any walkers by if they are interested in playing and we always have full tables.

This year we are going to be running Elder Sign.  

Posted by joecool10424

Just wanted to add - this will be my 11th Gen Con. I've never had an issue with finding space to game or people to chill with on Wednesday. Sometimes I game until midnightish; other times I just catch up with people I see only at the Con. Just be open to having a great time and a great time will happen!

Posted by adamw

Yeah, I've been gaming on Wednesday for years. There's always a table - you just have to look around a bit.

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