Who to bring to GenCon?
Posted by rich4647

My group likes to take 4 to 6 people to offset some costs (shared room, car rental, etc.)

Like many of you have said in other posts, sometimes life gets in the way and someone can't make it a particular year or for some other reason, they are not joing you anymore.

What are the typical things you look for before inviting someone to join your group to GenCon?

Posted by marimaccadmin

Do you mean, someone you don't know except day only from the forums?  Or are you talking about evaluating current friends for Gen Con suitability. :)

Posted by rich4647

Evaluating current friends :)

I don't think I'd ever take the risk of someone I didn't know.

Posted by noone

People who are likely to pay me back for the hotel.  Something i have learned the hard way

Posted by rich4647

Yes, I've learned that same lesson the past.  Unfortunately, you normally don't find out about these types of 'friends' until money actually changes hands.

Posted by mulhallt

1. Financial responsible people.

2. People who are on the same wavelength with time gaming. If you expect to leave the hotel at a certain time, park and game all day, and arrive back at the hotel late mostly to just sleep, make sure the others are on board. If they wanna sleep late, drink late, or do other stuff during the day, make sure they have a like minded buddy.

3. Flexible people. There are many things to do at the Con, make sure everyone has an idea of what to do. 

4. Are you doing everything together? Somethings together? Nothing together? Make sure people are on the same page. I brought fun people last year and we only did like 2 things together at the Con....I was kinda confused by it.

Posted by marimaccadmin

I don't think it's unreasonable for ask for some money up front, and payment in full on the first day.  I have seen people complain that their roommates, who were supposed to pay on checkout, have just balked and said they spent all their money at the con. So I would definitely get the money before the Exhibit Hall opens. :)

Posted by noone

Also the main reason the only person i go with is my wife.  No way she can stiff me on the money because i know where she lives.  And if anyone else go they are responsible for thier own arrangements.

Posted by marimaccadmin

So I always encourage all my friends to go, and I always help them out with plans, but I never do anything like offer to let them room with me or pay for any of their expenses.  I'll help with logistics all I can, but I'm not helping with finanaces.

-forum moderator

Posted by steffles

We go as a family (4 of us) and we don't invite/encourage friends to go.  Mainly because this our thing as a family and we pretty much have it down pat, so each of us gets at least part of our gaming needs met.  We like hanging out with our kids and we like meeting new people.  It's all we need.

Posted by vickers1

I have been fairly contented with the company that I have kept over the years of my Gen Con adventures.  There was much flexability and realiability with the crews that made the trip easy and confortable.  Trying to though do Gen Con on the cheap but we shall see how that pans out.

Posted by parody

I've been coming to Gen Con with the same pair of guys for the last ~18 years.  We're used to each other by now. :)

Michael Miller

Posted by sherilyn

I don't bring anyone with us at this point. We can afford the room on our own and have grown to like not sharing. However if a friend needs a place and I have an extra bed I will consider letting them in on the room. At no point do I assume their half is covered in my budget though. 

Posted by kaledor

I would not recommend bring your girlfriend instead of your wife...

Posted by trace_sl

  • Financial responsible people, meaning they have a job and will hold up their expenses.
  • People you can stand the travel time and sharing a room with.  I sore like a water buffalo, think people should know that. 
  • People who have their own agendas, sorry but I don't want to hang with room mates for all of Gen Con, sure we can meet up for meals and hitting the dealer room but don't want to spend 4/24 with you. 


Posted by nellybelle

All good advice, might be a good idea too to try and split the bill for the room before hand. I know that one of my friends was burned in the past becuase her roomies emptied the mini bar and snacks. So now she always asks the hotel to remove nd additional cost items  from the room before they even set foot in it. That might be a good idea. 

Establishing boundries and expecations is also a good idea. Discussing who has what needs, making sure people know who is a light sleeper and who snores and who cant be woken up at night and so on is a good idea. 

Posted by truelink

I recommend collecting money for your group in advance as well. I just set up a savings or checking account separate from my usual funds and put it there.

Posted by roundtop

I hate to say it, but minimum age requirement.

I'm in my mid-30s, with a stable job, and fly in.  I get my own bed (no sleeping on the floor), and don't do stupid stuff in the room.

I expect to pay a bit more to get a nicer experience. I also expect to only share with 1 other person.   This year unfortunately two people who would have gone are skipping. I'm trying to figure out if I should go it alone, or find some random to go in for a room with me to make the costs bearable.

Posted by kharavex

My recruiting days are over. I may end up going solo this year

Posted by black jack rackham

Been solo for years now (the only exception was when an artist friend of mine was going to the con (he could get us into the artists/vendors block of rooms). Our arrangement was, I paid the room and he gave me some art. 

Now? just too much hassle especially when I can afford it on my own.  Course when the kiddos start coming with dad...

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