Gen Con Indy Facebook Group
Posted by austicke

Do you like to chat about Gen Con? Of course you do!

Please join us in the Gen Con Indy Facebook Group. With nearly 7,000 members, there's plenty of info and discussions.

Why whine about housing on only one discussion forum when you can double your efforts?!? :)

Posted by austicke

Today we hit 7,000 group members. We hope you'll join us.

Posted by austicke

As you can imagine, our FB group is pretty active with event registration now starting.

Posted by jeffro412

That was a riot in chat. Nerve wracking and entertaining.

Posted by zaphod

Gen Con Reddit is also gaining a lot of members:

Posted by loon

There's a gencon chat?

Posted by austicke loon

loon wrote:There's a gencon chat?

I think he's just referring to the group posts. There were hundreds of comments during event registration. Lots of good sharing!

Posted by stevespikes

You should pin this, and any other social media threads in the forum.  Just a thought.

Posted by austicke

As you can imagine, our Gen Con discussion group on Facebook is quite active. We hope you'll join us!

Posted by austicke

Today we welcomed our 7,500th member. Have you joined our Facebook discussion group?

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