Pokemon GO Walk
Posted by god1801

I know there were 1 or 2 of these scheduled but I didn't participate.  I was wondering how these went.  Attendance, time, distance covered, anything good gotten?  I did however do the "dicks last resort" trolley Saturday at 6 pm but as I understand it that was not affiliated with Gencon at all.  Any info anyone could provide is appreciated.

Posted by dsalmeron

I didn't even realize there were any.  As a group, myself and some friends went on two walks and caught some pretty awesome Pokemon.  Bonus at the last minute as I was having my last meal at the JW, I caught a cp 1026 dragonaire.  

Posted by hawkeye

I got a TON of Drowzee....

Posted by remnant hawkeye

hawkeye wrote:
I got a TON of Drowzee....
I wonder if that was due to gamers and a lack of sleep...

All kidding aside, one of the events got canceled (paid event) which was being advertised on the reddit for Gen Con.  I think it was a cross of people returning their ticket when someone pointed out the free event later in the day and others stating they'd just opt to just follow along behind the crowd and pretending to text while playing to reap the benefits for free.  Museum and canal dropped a few I hadn't seen in my local area in the numbers plus going up to the Northeast on downtown on Campus was great Thursday, after that I was mostly too tired for early morning walkabout and my schedule couldn't handle it the rest of the con it seemed.

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