Posted by alans

Will KFG have their own Forum section?
Any news yet on Wednesday gaming?


Posted by parody

They have their own website at http://www.kentuckyfriedgamers.com/.

They also have a group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KentuckyFriedGamers/.

Posted by rbree

But we shoudld probably get a forum here so we can do sign ups  for Wednesday gaming.

Posted by kfgdraven

I don't think Gaming Group sub-forums are in the plans at this point. But, that's ok, we'll gleefully work with what we have and have a good time doing it.

Posted by kahvi

I would love to run something for Wednesday gaming again!

Posted by kfgdraven

If you're on FB, post in the Wednesday Gaming thread on the KFG FB page.

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