Critical Role Panel
Posted by lukthomas

Anyone interested in a Critical Roll Panel? I am a fan and it would be great to get them to come.

Posted by willythefox

My wife and I were just talking about this last night. I'd spend ALL the money on them if they were there. I hope they do.

Posted by tlizerz

I'm all for this! My boyfriend and I love the show and would totally pay to see these guys. Even better, I would go bonkers if they somehow scheduled a live session that the public could watch.  If anything, getting Matt Mercer to do some sort of DM workshop would be fantastic.

Posted by lukthomas

I am with this very much. I would love to have them come and do pretty much anything. I would also be interested in just getting together with any fans who want to meet and talk. I don't live far and would be happy to try and find a decent place to get together. Hope we can get some more people to put in some support for this idea. 

Posted by catsama

We're coming from the UK and it would be ace if there was a Critical Role panel and/or some sort of opportunity to meet and get signings at GenCon - there'd be all three of us coming to that!

Posted by lukthomas

This is great feedback. I know the con is still a long way off, but if you know anybody who's going that would be interested please ask them to come in and comment. I hope to see you all there.

Posted by kjchest

A live panel from Critical Role would be amazing!  Live Thursday night show with them would be too cool.  I may be asking for way too much though.

Posted by warlockki

Would love to see them there!
Critters unite and demand Gen Con invite them!


Posted by yggthota

I would definitely like to see the team at a panel.

Posted by tdavis219

That would be fantastic, Critical Role is one of the reasons I started playing D&D and other table top games.

Posted by thybeli

Reviving this again since events are out. I know last year that Wil Wheaton's panel wasn't announced right away, so there's still a chance that we could get the Critical Role crew in. So, please Geek and Sundry, give us GenCon critters a panel. 

Posted by larcklorn

I have no idea how to get this in front of either agency, but should make this happen.

Posted by wallerstedt

I'd love to see the group there!

Posted by christopherstark

Yes! Me and my friend mentioned this too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invite them to do a panel or event.

Posted by warlockki

Come on Gen Con Pony up the cash and get the Critical Role cast at the Con!

Posted by nauvoobrett

Definitely interested in this as well :)

Posted by drnsain

Watching the MDA livestream - if they hit the goal of $80k by the end of the stream - they'll be at Gen Con and have a drinking party! Right now there's about $72k raised and about 1 hour or more left. If anyone wants to donate to charity and have them here - go and donate now!

Posted by mikewrath

This event just popped up

Game ID:  SEM16100967

Gaming Group / Company: Green Ronin Publishing

Title:  Q&A with Critical Role!

Description: Join us in this lively discussion & Q&A with the Geek & Sundry & the cast of the Critical Role show.

Posted by lukthomas

I have tickets and am very excited. Thank you Green Ronin. 

Posted by lukthomas

As a side note I am trying to get people involved in a critter meet-up. I am not far from Indy and wouldn't mind organizing. I would love to hang out with some folks. If interested please let me know. You can also follow me on Twitter @swordtruth15025. 

I think it would be great to meetup before the Q&A and possibly play some games and or get some food one of the nights of the con. 

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