Event Submission Status?
Posted by scottmc10

I submitted events almost two months ago before the Feb. 8th early deadline. It's my first year GM'ing at Gen Con. I still haven't had my events accepted or responded to in any way. Any veterans know if this is typical? They posted something about handling submissions in waves, with all the early ones dealt with before regular deadline ones, etc. Just wondering if I'm alone in hearing nothing. Looking forward to the con, regardless!

Posted by marimaccadmin

This is very typical.  Some events have been reviewed and some have not.  It's not unusual as all.

I would point out however, that, should someone have events IN PROGRESS, those events are not considered submitted, and will not be reviewed.  Events cannot be reviewed until they are actually submitted.

You can go to the link EO/GM dashboard link under "host" at any time to review the status of your events.  I really wouldn't start in any way worrying about submitted events not being approved, until a few weeks before event reg opens.  But you should definitely double check to see if you have events in progress that you need to submit.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by scottmc10

Thank you for the response. I'll assume all is likely to go smoothly and go back to working on preparing the events themselves.

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