Bravo Paranoia GM's!!!!
Posted by firvulag

Quite happy to see an extensively longer list of Paranoia sessions this year.  Not that I'm complaining about Evil Fleet's dominance for the past many years but i hated having to dash, scrimp, and be just a bit lucky to be able to squeeze into one of your sessions.  Nice to know we will have much more to choose from this year.

Thank you for stepping forward you Paranoia gm's and helping to shine light on a much underrated game system and  world!!!

Posted by derekguder

Yeah, lots of people stepped up to run more high-demand events. I'm glad that information proved useful & thankful that people stepped up to help get so many more games.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by watchdog

A few years ago we were the only ones running Paranoia so I'm glad that's no longer the case.  I do wish that four of those events weren't all starting Thursday at 8 am, but hopefully they'll all still fill up.

Posted by parody

Hey, I tried to coordinate once upon a time!

Maybe I'll send emails around again next year.  For now, well, at least I don't have to be up at 8. :)

Posted by meldh

Back to Cthulhu for me this year, sorry. Trying to stitch together a ruleset out of the playtest Mongoose rules last year was too much of a PITA; might go back to Paranoia next year when the new rulebook is finally out.

Posted by watchdog

Our Paranoia events (Paranoia Trek and Community Paranoia) still use second edition rules.

Posted by firvulag

Yeah was gonna say....use whatever rules  you want.  I get to play the game 1/year (if I'm lucky) and have to be re taught them anyway.  I don't think anyone will notice with all the dying.

Posted by parody

Besides, Citizen, the rules are above your security clearance!

You might want a d20 and a pencil for most Paranoia events.  The GMs might even take the result of the d20 under advisement! :)

Posted by soulcatcher78

I was hoping the 8AM thing would give me a shot at playing this year but it looks like there's no problem filling seats.  Praying for someone to be hung over and maybe I get lucky with generics :)

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