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It looks like fantasy flight isn't holding events other than tournaments and rpgs. What is the deal with that. The board game events always sell out and that is the primary draw for me.

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Hmm, maybe it's sorted weird? I see a lot of FFG RPGs and such here:

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talgian wrote:
Hmm, maybe it's sorted weird? I see a lot of FFG RPGs and such here:
My mistake. I meant to specify board games. I hate rpgs. Last night all I saw were rpgs and a few tournaments. Some older games run by miscellaneous people.

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I believe they're focused more on the big-draw tournaments. There should be broad support for their popular titles, though, so I would search per-game as opposed to just by the company.

I'd also suggest reaching out to FFG and suggesting the host a couple events for the games you are interested in. That's good advice in general: if you think a company should be doing something at Gen Con, send them a polite & supportive messages suggesting/requesting such. They may or may not be able to do it this year but it always helps to ask & express your interest - and thank them for the hard work they put into convention schedules.

Derek Guder
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Guder may have hit on it-- FFG has made sure that at least two copies of all of their games are in the GC Games Library. That could be because they planned to run fewer tables of them in the gaming hall? Bear in mind, though, that FFG will sometimes post events at the last possible second (the In-Flight Report, for instance).

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Thanks for the info Derek. I actually did post on FFG's gencon subforum already. I haven't been to GenCon since 2013 and FFG had over 400 events with most of them being board games that year. I was just really caught off guard with how few they are running this year. They are overall my favorite company and the volunteers they have teaching the games have always been excellent. It looks like last year they had very few board game events as well.

I do remember in 2012 FFG had late additions of x-wing intro events which is how I got to play games that year since I registered late. Maybe they are waiting on seeing what will arrive by GenCon before adding late submissions of their latest games.

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