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Posted by bigfathairyguy

Me and a friend are looking to play some pathfinder with our 8&9 year old kids. We did the Kid's track last time but are looking for something where we can play with our kids instead of watching them play. Both kids have played Pathfinder multiple times but none of us currently have characters. Is PFS 5-8 The confirmation level 1&2 what we'd be looking to sign up for? Or any of the others that say level 1&2? Thanks in advance.

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I am very interested in this as well.

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Bumping this to see if anybody knows the answer.

Posted by ryric

Any level 1-2 event is appropriate if you haven't already got characters. They do expect you to bring a character or else you can choose a pregen at the table. Paizo has rules for building characters for PFS(Pathfinder Society) on their website, and they usually have stations set up with Hero Lab to generate characters at the con. If you go that route you'll want to do it before your scheduled time.

(I am not a Paizo rep but I have played in PFS events before)

Posted by bigfathairyguy

thanks, much appreciated.

Posted by adcjones

Hi franknbeans,

I'm a longtime PFS player at GenCon.

ryric is correct, any level 1-2 scenario is good for brand new characters.  People with no characters can actually play any scenario- they can just us ea pregenerated character which can be chosen at HQ in the back of the room.

I'd suggest making your own character for the fun of it.  I'd also suggest, if you don't do this at home, to utilize the Hero Lab software, which is free, which Paizo and HeroLab set up in the room.  Software is  very user friendly.

I'd also suggest a version of Pathfinder rules called CORE.  Paizo runs two different versions, CORE and RPG.  The RPG version is for those who want to use all Pathfinder sanctioned rules and rulebooks, content, etc., which encompasses a ton of stuff.  CORE would be good for children to move up to, because this type uses only the Core Rulebook and limits the mind-numbing build options.

For your first scenario, I'd definitely do The Confirmation.  It's a fun first quest for introduction to PFS.

Posted by paizo organized play manager

There is a new program, called Pathfinder Society Academy (PSA), that is geared specifically for Kids.  There are lessons - called Kid's Track: Beginner, Kid's Track: Advanced, and Kid's Track: Transitions, that introduce youth to the game via short lessons and quests.  If they complete transitions, they get a bonus to their character.  Then there are youth-friendly tables that are listed under Pathfinder Society Academy: XXXX that are geared to families playing together.  These tables are full Pathfinder Society adventures lasting 4-5 hours and come with the same benefits as playing any Pathfinder Society event.

There are PSA tables for The Confirmation, The Wounded Wisp, and The Consortium Compact.

As a note, we are not specifically planning CORE this year.  Any table can be a CORE table by getting 6 players together and letting the GM know.  The ticket sales last year were too confusing to specifically sell CORE tickets.

Any further questions, ask here or email me at pathfindersociety"at"

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I'll be runningthe Consortium Compact for PFS on Friday morni.g, and would be glad to host a family at my table, if Paizo allows you to request a particular GM

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