NSDM Fast vs Mega
Posted by rvhguy

My group and I are having a hard time deciding between the NSDM fast (4 hour) vs mega (6 hour) games. Do veterans have an opinion? I played the fastplay game last year and had a great time -- how much difference does the extra 2 hours make, all things considered? 

Posted by firvulag

Having played both types many times I can share my thoughts with you.

The long game takes a lot of patience, in fact it used to be 8 hours (and I was quite disappointed to see that they shortened it because I could literally wear my opponents down as I easily outlasted them...and often organized coups and such during "lunch breaks").  Most players can handle the 6 hour format without too much difficulty though...so that strategy has failed me in recent years.

I would only sign up for the shorter games if they were specialized in some manner and you have a particular interest...I've done a Civil War nsdm, a Cold War nsdm, and I think this year they are doing a World War 3 nsdm.

But with just plain vanilla nsdm....it's Mega all the way.  

Of course all this is IMHO.

Hopefully I'll see you there!!!

Posted by glory

How welcoming is this event to newbies? Every year I say, "I'd love to try that!" and then I never do. Thoughts? 

Posted by firvulag

Welcoming to newbies?

It can be a little intimidating.  Typically they won't assign difficult roles to newbies (doesn't mean a newbie won't become president, prime minister, 1st General Secretary....or whatever thru the course of the session.)

The main thing to ask yourself is:  Are you a policy or history "wonk"?  If you're constantly keeping up with what's going on in the world then you'll do fine.  But if you never follow politics, government, world affairs, etc.  then you will likely be very lost for your first time.   And probably bored as well.

We are very welcoming and patient tho and I'm expecting them to take FULL advantage of the election year.  So it should be fun.

Posted by glory

Thank you! I work in the IC and am a former Model UN nerd so I feel like this is right up my alley... Maybe I'll swing by this year and observe for a bit. :)

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