Laser tag
Posted by gerrygren

Hi last year we were able to participate in Laser tag does any one know if that is going on again this year and if so what is the name of the event? thanksĀ 

Posted by eugene

Search "Here at the End." Its in the LARP section. Lots of fun!

Posted by hawkeye

It's not part of Gen Con, but the arcade in the mall has a laser tag arena.

Posted by echo

While there is a laser tag arena in the mall nearby that is not the Here At The End Combat Arena.

Here At The End is Post Apocalyptic laser tag! In which you choose to represent one of the four factions & battle for honor, glory, & resources. Prove you have what it takes to survive!

There are hour long games running every hour on the hour Thurs-Saturday 11am-11pm.

The system is pared down for a con run so it's very newbie friendly.
Basically it becomes laser-tag with world/character fluff.

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