True Dungeon Time Swaps
Posted by quarnian

Hi everyone!  Use this thread to arrange switching times for your True Dungeon tickets.

We're looking to trade 2 of our Deeperdark Puzzle 5:37pm spots for two people in the 5:13pm spot of the same game.  (So, asking you to start 20 minutes later).  Thanks!

Posted by mhayward1978

You'll probably have better luck finding people to swap with in the True Dungeon forums at:


Posted by quarnian

Thanks!  I'll keep this here for other folks wanting to use it, but have posted in TD as well. 

Posted by jennska

I'll post to this thread also (already posted to your TD thread)
If one of the 3 people that isn't part of our group going to:
Into the Deeperdark (combat-oriented) Friday 9:24PM
is willing to give up their spot, I'd love to get another ticket for my husband. He misunderstood and thought he was on the list our friends were working to book.

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