Experience with Staybridge Suites Downtown
Posted by wolfjflywheel

Well, didnt do too well in the housing lotto ( but you make lemonade with lemons, so...) my group booked Homewood Suites about 12 miles out in block.  Now we have gotten a room at Staybridge Suites downtown out of block.   It looks like a bit of a walk, but nothing we can't do (the housing portal listed it as 3 blocks from ICC).  Anyone had any experience staying there?

Posted by ginamarie72

The walk from Staybridge isn't bad.  Head over towards Lucas Oil and then there is an entrance to the convention center just across the street from the stadium.  The hotel is nice, decent free breakfast, area to game at night.  

Posted by bitorlogic

We stayed there last year (which was my first GenCon).  It's not a bad walk at all.  It only takes a couple minutes to get to the ICC.  And if there's an event at Lucas Oil, then you just need to cross the street.

The hotel itself is pretty good, though not amazing.  The breakfasts and complimentary dinners (on certain nights) are okay.  The suites have a mini-kitchen, which is nice if you want to prepare something to eat (we mainly subsisted on junk food and fast food, though).  Our room was comfortable and clean, and the staff was friendly.

Posted by maxrebo

I'll also be staying there this year.  For anyone that's stayed there before:  do the refrigerators in the rooms have freezers in them?  And what do they serve for breakfast (and also dinner, apparently).  
Thanks in advance.

Posted by wolfjflywheel

Sounds like we will be happy there.  Thanks for the responses!

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