Winter Fantasy
Posted by braewe

Anyone else planning on attending? We went back and forth but finally decided why not. It's teeny tiny but soo relaxing.

Just a shame WotC has abandoned this one as well. I mean. You'd think they'd attend a con that is ONLY their stuff!

Posted by rhone1

Wow, I'm surprised to hear they aren't going to that one.  Wasn't it their convention?

Posted by deltafox65

I did find that interesting about WotC also.  I will say from an outsider view with no insider knowledge of this convention, it does appear that they do have a great representation of Author Only content of people in the industry.  This will be my first year attending though so hopefully it works out.  It has been my experience in the past that any convention is better than working though, so I am sure I will enjoy it.  Hope to see as many Gen Con attendees there as well supporting another Con. 

Posted by braewe

It's very very small now that WotC left. No seminars, or maybe one. Mostly D&D. But because it's so small the hotel prices are very reasonable, no competition for food, no crowds. Very peaceful. You can actually, usually, HEAR the other players and DM.

It's now more of a Baldman Games convention than anything.

Plus, you get access to the Gen Con Games Library with the badge. We leave a couple slots open just for that. Totally worth it. We make a list of games we want to try while there and try them out! The staff there is also more friendly and relaxed with the smaller crowd--they have more time to actually answer questions instead of trying to move on to the next and next and next person.

Don't expect a dealers hall though--they usually have someone there who can sell dice and some books(a local dealer) and one or two other random offerings. I do miss the years past when Crystal Caste did a winter fantasy dice, and there were book signings and such.

But we still enjoy ourselves. As someone said in the PAX thread. It's a gaming convention and you aren't at work. 

Posted by dwinston82

My husband and I are going to Winter Fantasy for the first time this year.  That is actually going to be our first gaming specific convention (we've been to DragonCon before).  We are both long time D&D players, but this will be our first experience with Adventurer's League, as well.  It's a lot to take in, so I am glad it's a smaller low-key event, since we would like to go to GenCon this year, too.  It will hopefully get us up to speed with AL before we get to GenCon.  

Do you all have any reddit or other forum suggestions for asking AL (particularly at cons) specific questions before we get there?  We've downloaded the AL player's guide and FAQ's from WotC, but sometimes it helps having others with experience in playing AL at cons to talk things through with.  

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