Lanyard History
Posted by noalb

Hey all, I can't remember the lanyards from specific years past- can anyone help me out?

2012- Magic/DD
2013- Legendary Alien
2014- ????
2015- Bring Out Your Dead (?)
2016- Big Trouble in Little China
2017- Buffy


Posted by jaywhyewe

It looks like a generic black lanyard with a big green "Legendary" in an electrified typeface (and also the regular blue and yellow Upper Deck logo).

Not sure what they were promoting, but I would guess maybe Legendary: Predator.

You can see the lanyard on some of the images in this cosplay gallery from 2014

Posted by del_grande noalb

noalb wrote:2015- Bring Out Your Dead (?)

"Bring Out Yer Dead," a game from Upper Deck

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