Hello everyone
Posted by adamle02

Hello everyone. I'm Adam, the new member. Be happy to join the forum

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?


Posted by braewe

Welcome to the somewhat slow time between convention end and talk about badge registration and next year's con!

Posted by captain 10beers

Yes, welcome to the slowest time of the year on the forums!  Have you attended GenCon before?

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

Hi and welcome.  Yes it's the slow time since GenCon 2018 is in the past (by about 7 weeks).  GenCon 2019 is 310 days away.

I think the board will be refreshing pretty soon.  That usually happens in October.  All the old posts get archived (or maybe deleted) and the board returns with a new look for the new year.  References to the previous year go away.

It still stays pretty quiet until, I think, January when the badge sales begin.  Then there's housing lottery, event registration, and eventually the actual convention.

Posted by andrewj.rager

It is for sure the slow time. I feel like Gen Con was so long ago. Very odd that its only been roughly 2 months. The holiday season goes by fast and then its badge and hotel time on here. I feel like the noticeable slow time is really between February and May when events are released. Right now is expected as its more looking back than forward, but at that point its on the horizon, but information is still few and far between.

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