Hello friends! 

My crew and I are going to be playing a session of our usually live-streamed D&D game on Saturday at 3:00pm. Due to the fact that this is GenCon, we obviously won't be streaming, BUT we will be playing LIVE (in full cosplay, in late summer, Pelor help us) for you amazing GenConners. 

What we really need is someone who can film us! So that we may put this amazing experience up on the internets (twitch.tv/openforadventure) when we're done. Keep in mind what this entirely consists of is setting up a camera on a tripod and... filming us. That's it. We're gonna be sitting at a table, so not super complicated. Minimal to no editing required. (GenCon is supplying the mics!) We will pay you! Real money! Not even in orbit gum! So if you know someone, or are someone, who can film us, please reach out to me, the DM via email barmorcs at gmail dot com.

(Also as a side note, we may also be looking for photographers for cosplay photos, feel free to reach out for either. If you do both we might fall in love with you.)