GenCon ball bands
Posted by vscory

I am looking in to who would do the talent scouting for the bands that play at the Ball.

There is a local band that is pretty amazing that does 80's Rock covers.

if I could just be pointed in the right way I would appreciate it.

Posted by marimaccadmin

There is no band that plays at the Gen Con dance, they have a DJ.

Posted by shintalus

Sorry wrong thread.

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Posted by shintalus

Posted by vickers1

It would be fun to have a band at the dance.

Posted by suburbaknght

The strength of the DJ and the Gen Con Dance (in good years) is that he plays a variety of music.  I have never met anyone who likes all the music played, but the DJs they get usually do a variety of different sets from classic rock to modern pop to hip hop to house to techno to slow dancing to big band swing.  You're never going to like everything played but you'll usually get a good bit that you like at some point in the evening.  The problem with most bands is that they're not capable of the variety that a DJ is.

I put together a lot of dance events as part of my day job and I often run across the problem.  A great dance band usually has about four or five really good songs, about two dozen good enough songs, and a bunch of adequate songs (plus a cheat book).  A DJ has access to just about all the great songs ever made.

Now if Gen Con were to make the dance more focused - for example, a formal ball or a rave - you could probably get a good band that would make most people who attend happy, but you'd get a lot fewer people attending.

Posted by brotherbock

GC has had bands before, but they were for concerts, not a dance.

AC/D-She, and TMBG are the two I recall off the top of my head.

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