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Ok so stop me if this is a stupid question but what constitutues selling. If I have a $600 (thats total not per night) reservation and I give it to someone and ask them to pay the $600 is that selling? If so why not just cancel the room with the hotel (before June) as per policy. I'm not trying to scalp here but are people really just giving away $600 worth of hotel to strangers.

If you have PREPAID that reservation you may ask them for that amount.  If not, you cannot sell it, but you are transferring it to someone else, and your credit card is being removed.
Cool! Thats what I wanted to know. I didn't mean to PREPAY so I probally haven't. But either way I'm just looking to get out of the $50 cancelization I'm not trying to make any money so thank you thats what I needed to know.
As long as you transfer the reservation to another name and don't cancel, you don't pay a cancellation fee.
is your reservation down town or one of the outlying ones?

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you can trasnsfer it to them through the housing portal
How do you do that, exactly? Do you just edit the information in the reservation?
Yes, I did it last year. I changed the names on the reservation, then gavew the person I changed it to the confirmation number so they could then further update the reservation. It's not ideal, but it does work.

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Can somebody please ban/delete the 2 posters above? they have spammed pretty much every thread...

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They are both banned.  I banned them within 15 minutes of their posting.  However, they were able to post over 100 posts in those 15 minutes.

I could delete the posts, but it would take hours, and because it still leaves a blank post, it wouldn't help much with navigating the fourms to find threads with actual relevant posts.  I've asked for the ability to delete all posts from a user.  I can't do that easily now.  I would shut down the forums for the night if I could, because I wouldn't be surprised if we get hit again.

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Hey Folks,
   My Bro got the best housng reservation time for our party of 4, but he rolled a critical fail on his reservation and selected a single King Size bed room :/.
  The reservation is Thursday thru Sunday at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown.

   We are looking for a double room downtown if anyone has one they do not need or are willing to trade.

I have created a temporary Email - [email protected]


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Hello, I have a single King bed room at the JW Marriott from Tuesday through Monday. Let me know if interested. goblinsquee at the geemail dot com.

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I'd love it, but I'm not there until Thursday, and leaving on Sunday. Anyone know if JW Marriott would modify the reservation? 

Edited to add: I'm calling the JW myself to ask.

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I emailed. I'll take that single King at the JW Marriott. The hotel front desk says that a modification should indeed be possible.

Admins: What info do I need to give jennifercw in order to make this happen? 

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Jennifercw, interested is the room in block or out of block? I don't mind the extra days as i stay till Monday normall anyways. Email sent.

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Attendees can make reservations changes, including change of hotel and/or room type, online or by calling the Call Center for assistance at 317 688 1323. Reservation modifications involving a change of guest names do not transfer financial responsibility from the original reservation holder to another guest unless the credit card billing information is also updated. Upon updating the credit card information, the new cardholder will become financially liable for the cancellation fee or room deposit, whichever is applicable.Reservations holders are personally responsible for changes they make online. We do not recommend giving other attendees access to your reservation or billing information. If you would like to transfer your reservation to another convention attendees, please contact the Call Center for agent assistance.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

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Thanks. I did read that, but I didn't know if anything else was needed. I'll provide as necessary.

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Basically, the person who now has the room calls and gives them the name of the person who will be calling next, who will take the room.  Then the person taking the room calls and gives them a credit card number.

Marian McBrine 
Event Coordinator 
Gen Con LLC

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Got it. Thanks again for the info! 

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Hello, I have a single King bed room at the JW Marriott from Tuesday through Monday. Let me know if interested. goblinsquee at the geemail dot com.

The room has ben claimed. Thank you for your interest.

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Thanks for letting us strangers have a shot at getting it. As long as connected hotels are a scarce resource, it's good to know folks are willing to help strangers out. I appreciate the opportunity. 

Now, onto the next opportunity. :D

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I have two rooms available, both of them on the beltway but at the convention rate so very much cheaper than other rates (if you can even find a room at these hotels over GenCon). If interested, respond to [email protected] Both reservations are currently for Wednesday night thru Sunday night but you should be able to change that pretty easily as long as you stay over Saturday night. One room is at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center (Indy Waterfront Parkway) at 2930 Waterfront Parkway, West Drive, at the convention rate of $119 per night (pre-tax). The other room is at the Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel & Conference Center at 7202 East 21st Street, at the convention rate of $159 per night (pre-tax). These rooms became available due to a sudden serious drop in numbers (for financial reasons) from the original projected size of my party attending GenCon this year.

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I have a room that will be available at the Country Inns & Suites By Carlson, Indianapolis Airport South from Thursday July 4th through Sunday July 7th.  Total is $369 if someone needs a room and has a way to the convention center.  It is about 9 miles away.  Please let me know by Monday, June 26 if you want it so we can switch it over to your name.  Thanks!

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I would recommend you administration post a notice to remove fulfilled requests. There are a bunch out there clogging up the thread.

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