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So what is a sell out? 70,00 a day? 100,000 people a day? 


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Wow, it was inevitable but still...  Congrats, GenCon!  Looking forward to an exciting four days!!

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I too would like to know what the numeric count is that constitutes a "sell out".

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We should get a unique count after the con.  That would be tickets sold, plus comped badges.  Not sure how Sunday Funday passes count since they can have more than one person.

Then we get turnstile for how many people-days they counted.  One person for four days counting as 4.

Should be really interesting.

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It would be nice to see a break down of
Day badges per day
Weekend badges
people doing 2, 3 or 4 day badges and such

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Instead of "Do not run" or "Here we come" when the gates open on Thursday the chant should be "You Sold Out"

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It's all fun and games until Gen Con issues wooden rulers to door personnel.

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I would have been kind of sad if Friday hadn't sold out as well. 

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I imagine someone was keeping track of how many badges were printed and susequently sold.  I'd bet very few aren't used.

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I wonder if in Gencon's 49 prior years they have EVER HAD a complete Sell out??

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garhkal wrote:
I wonder if in Gencon's 49 prior years they have EVER HAD a complete Sell out??
3rd paragraph of article linked in OP

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During the official tour of the Horticultural Hall yesterday, Frank Mentzer said the sellout was 75,000. He said that while there's an obvious marketing angle, the primary reason was that going beyond that point requires additional logistics for safe movement of people through the con. Things like dedicated lanes in the halls for each direction, wider thoroughfares in places, etc. He said it's all doable, but they chose not to take that challenge on this year.

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Congrats to the gen con marketing and pr team!

get your 4 day badges early next year before they sell out!

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