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hi, coming all the way from oz for my first gen con.

there are so many events that offer promos that I or friends would like but I can't justify spending all day playing xwing and the like when there are so many other things on.

is there a way to get these promos, other than buying an event tix and just dropping from the event?

Posted by donaldbain

Probably not.  They're incentive to play the game, so they're usually given out at the end of the event.  It will also vary from company to company.

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Back in the day (aka - during the ccg boom), companies used to just hand out promos when you looked at their product.  Some companies had unique convnetion promos, others had a convention version of existing cards.  But, for the vast majority you could jsut go check out their booth, maybe demo the game, and grab the promo.

Those days are LONG gone.

Now, for the most part, if you want a promo you either need to buy a product from the booth or you need to participate in an event that awards them.  For a company like FFG, that also frequently means playing in the *whole* event, not just entering it.

As much waste as that was, I do miss having a bunch of promo cards for various games even if I didn't play those games myself.

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Is there a list of who's giving what anywhere?

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apparentlymarylee wrote:Is there a list of who's giving what anywhere?

I've never seen a comprehensive list like that, but it sure sounds like a good resource if someone wants to take it on.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

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Previous years, FFG used to give a promo if you dropped early from their tournaments. As of last year, you have to play most of the tournament or you get nothing. 

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Seeing that Paizo was releasing Starfinder, I was hoping they would do some promos to promote it. If I recall correctly, the year before 5th edition came out, WotC had a promo  where they handed out a different sided di for each little achievement you accomplished.  My son and i picked up a d4 and d6 and a very cool poster.  Talking to others, the d8, d12, and d20 were near impossible to get.   When 5th edition came out, a group of us played a 2 hour demo for $4 and got a full set of dice.  Paizo does a great job with the free pins, I'd think that they would at least be Starfinder- themed this year.  

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