Sunday badge question
Posted by johntes

So I have procrastinated too long this year. I have four day badges for myself and oldest daughter. My youngest just decided she would go and then the sellout happened. She wants to attend Fri-Sun so I picked up single Fri and Sat badges for her. The question is what do I do for Sunday? I am confused about the family fun badge. When I select it on the badge page it only shows my name. If I buy this badge will it give her full access to the exhibit hall and events on Sunday?

Posted by marimaccadmin

Here's the instructions on how to assign your Family Fun day badge:

And yes, it's a completely normal badge.  Gen Con doesn't have any kind of limited access badges. :)

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by johntes

Thanks, Marian! Got it!

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