Minuteman Mininatures
Posted by motownchic82

Did anyone else do the minuteman miniature thing last year at Gencon? If so, did you get your mini? We did but it still has all its supports/flashing still on it. I have contacted the company multiples times with no answer. any one else have this issue? any one have any ideas how to get the supports off the mini? Also, i didn't see the company listed this year so i'm guessing they don't want to listen to angry people! any a

Posted by bushmaster

Posting on Facebook about this.  Appears your experience is not unique and there are some who have not received their minis.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

They're not in the Exhibitor list for this year.  I was going to buy something from them last year, but didn't get around to it.  From what I'm reading on FB, glad I passed them up.

Posted by jimrules27

I ordered in Oct. after getting scanned at gencon.  After man months and no communication I filed a charge back with my credit card.

Posted by kaiswings

Hi Yes, We ordered from them. They do come with the supports still on. I took an exacto knife and a pair of tiny pliers things and took them all off. Good Luck! Mine looked great under all the supports :) 

Posted by raidkillsbugsded

Apparently they are attempting a resurgence:



Posted by ascantla

From what I remember they are supposed to come with all the supports on them. I believe they said that is to help with protection during shipping. Take that as you will. Ours still had the supports on it so this isn't an oddity. 

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