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Posted by galvatron42

I am bringing my son with me again this year (12 years old) and I would like to find an event for us to try that is outside of my normal gaming events. This year I am looking at the Gamers Live show. Has anyone attended one of these shows? Is it just a comedy show? Would it be appropriate for a 12 year old. Thank you for any replies and good luck to you all next Sunday!

Posted by dtwoa152

I have been to the Gamers showing for the last 5 years as it is a staple of my GenCon events. It is a improve comedy show. I have seen other parents bring their children to it.  Ever since I have been going one father has been bring his son to the show and getting up on stage every year.  In my opinion the show should be fine for a twelve year old.   

Posted by helenbb

It is a terrific show. I showed my kids the Gamers movies when they were younger than 12, and brought them to the Gamers/Zombie Orpheus events at a similar age. I would say that the movies and event are 'PG-13', meaning that there are some adult topics occasionally referenced, and a couple of jokes of that kind, but generally speaking the material is 'clean'.

Try having your son watch Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising before going, to get an idea of how the event works.

The live version is interactive with the audience, and if you get a 'premiere' ticket, you are invited onstage to participate. It is a lot of fun and a staple event for my family. 

Posted by kmlorenz

There is always some colourful language, but they generally keep it PG13. Their YouTube channel is definitely a good example of what to expect.

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