Deluxe Nascrag Tournament
Posted by nascragman

As you perused the event listings, you may have noticed the Deluxe Edition of the Nascrag Tournament.

For an extra $8, you get an ultra-rare Nascrag 40th year at GenCon pin, Priority seating (deluxe teams go out first), and character sheets you can keep and write on.  It is otherwise the same as our regular tournament and you are competing for the same enormous prize pool.

The Tournament works like this.  You sign up and play in one (and only one) of our daily 1 pm or 7 pm qualifying rounds.  If your team scores well enough, then you advance to Round 2 on Saturday.  After the finale on Saturday we hold our awards party with Music and Entertainment by Captain Ambivalent and the Accordion of Gold, where piles of prizes, T-Shirts, Books, etc are distributed to the top performing teams.

Posted by rutherfordr

If I get a regular ticket, and my friend gets a deluxe ticket, can we be on the same team?

Posted by nascragman

We are going to try to join up as many Deluxe players as possible to accommodate the priority seating.  That said, it seems unlikely that every Deluxe player will play with an exclusively Deluxe team.  We certainly don't want friends to be seperated

Posted by helenbb

We were a little worried about this as well. Our team is going to try for deluxe tickets, but we were afraid that they might sell out and then some of us would have regular tickets. Good to know that we can still play together!

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