Tower of Gaxx this year?
Posted by jpederso

For the past several years there has been an event called Tower of Gaxx (or Gygax) where for the price of a generic you play 1st edition D&D and join a party going thru a killer dungeon.  Play until you die, then get back into the queue to do it all again if you want.  I don't see it this year.  Anybody know if it will be held?

Posted by pshep999

Yes I search every day for it as well!!! Such a fun time. I got turned into a rhino last year and barreled my way through the dungeon halls briefly lol.

Posted by larryanthony

Nothing on their Facebook page either. seems like they always add it in very, very late.


Posted by jpederso

The Tower of Gaxx is back!  Good to see.  So much fun.  

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