Cancelled events?
Posted by mhardwick

I've combed the attendee FAQ and organizer's guide, and can't seem to find out how this is supposed to be handled. I've had two sets of events cancel on me this year, and they've both been handled very differently. One was the True Grind I was signed up for, and I received an email explaining the situation and a prompt refund. I was impressed at how smoothly it was handled.

Four of the Puzzle Hunt packets were cancelled last week, and I've heard nothing. They just disappeared from my list of tickets. Nothing in my spam folder, no refunds, nada. No contact info for the organizers on the events, so I can't email them. My question is, how long should I wait before being proactive about this? Am I just out the $16 (4 * $2 * 2 people) until the convention? Will I really have to remember to get the tickets signed by the person in charge of the hall, and if they aren't in my list, will I even get tickets? It's a very weird situation, so I am just wondering if anyone happen to know how it's usually dealt with.

Posted by aaronr

The Puzzle Hunt organizers sent out an email about the change. Here is a screenshot someone took of it. Hopefully that answers your questions.

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Refunds before tickets are printed are handled as directly as possible.

Once tickets are printed, you will need to bring tickets for any canceled events to Customer Service to get a refund onsite. You do not need to go to the location for where the event was supposed to have been held - as long as it is canceled, Customer Service will be able to help you out.

And notifications for changes are not always sent out immediately union canceling an event. In many instances, some additional details about the potential fix need to be confirmed before news can be sent out, but the event in question needs to be taken down to prevent more tickets from being sold while that is being sorted out.

Event organizers do not have player contact information, so messages will not be coming directly from them, either.

When in doubt, you can always email [email protected] with any questions.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
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