While the idea of moving to E-Tickets is all well and good, I noticed some issues with the current setup. Having the scan the standard barcode on our badges seemed problematic in a couple of the events I attended. They were having issues with their iPhone being able to read the barcode through the badge holders and were making everyone take their badges out. I would suggest either:

1) Switching the a QR code on the badge instead.
2) switch to badges with an NFC chip in them and then all that needs to be done is a quick tap of the phone to the badge.

1 would obviously be a bit quicker and easier to implement, but I believe that 2 would be more convenient for everyone in the future.
I have attended Dell Technologies World for the last few years and EVERYONE picks up their badge on site. They have all your info in the system already from you pre-registering. You walk up to the registration desk with your ID, they look you up in the system and print your badge with NFC chip right there. They even print your picture on the front of your badge too.