Past Issues With Housing?
Posted by rozialee


Has anyone experienced a problem where they got a room through the housing portal but were turned away at the hotel?

I got really lucky and managed to snag a room at the Westin (SKYWALK BABY!!!). I called the Westin today to ask a questions about my room and they do not have record of my reservation by name or acknowledgement number.

Is it just a case of the room being under GenCon or should I be worried?

Posted by xmidnightxeyesx

Reservations don't get sent to the hotels until close to mid July.  You won't be able to call them until then.  Keep an eye on the credit card you used for the res.  Once that gets charged, the reservation should be at the hotel.

Posted by david campbell

Rooms haven't been transferred yet from the housing portal; they won't have your reservation until sometime a week or two before the con. can't remember the lead time.

I've never not had a room I booked through the housing portal, but I have heard of others with the occasional issue. Seems pretty uncommon.

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