Iron Horse Hours?
Posted by stickmanindc

Anybody know what the hours of the Iron Horse are? Looks like there are a few events there during the day - are they generally open for drinks throughout the Con, or only when there are scheduled events? And is that just a Gen Con thing, or are they open year-round? I like to believe my Google-Fu is strong, but I can find almost zero information on it...

Posted by roderick

Last year's hours (from the Con book):

Thursday: 8 pm - close
Friday: 8:30 pm - close
Saturday: 6 pm - close

This year's hours are likely to be similar. 

Can't say about the rest of the year, since I don't live in the area, but it didn't used to be. 

They don't normally serve drinks during events - bartenders are only brought on by special request.

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