Hickmans Killer Breakfast?
Posted by crusader77

I know its probably a dumb question, but does anybody have any idea if Tracey Hickman will be attending this year? I am assuming not, with all his other engagements he's got going on, but figured it doesn't hurt to hope, and ask anyway. Hickman's Killer Breakfast is a favorite event of mine at the con.

Posted by squirecam

Such a shame there is no more dragonlance novels. I loved that world.

Posted by crusader77

True...but Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes Dragon Brigade and Dragon Corsairs series have been fantastic for my new reading

Posted by quarex

I remember hearing he was definitely stopping a couple of years back, but I think he also ran it once after I thought he was done. Fair bet that he loves doing it and it could well return someday even if it disappears for a bit, though. 

Posted by elvinlord

Gencon 50 was his last time.  Something about taking a new job not leaving time.  Sadly I doubt we will ever see a return.

Posted by hauntedcity

I hold out hope that he'll return in the future, but I haven't heard anything about 2020.  Since he started at The VOID, he hasn't been as active on his social media outlets, so we don't know his plans for sure.

Posted by nascragman

Has anyone ever considered picking up the Hickman torch and continuing the event?   Or was it strictly a Hickman-centric thing?.  I heard such great things but I never got around o doing it

Posted by funny-shaped dice

I never understood the allure.  I went the last year it was hosted and, honestly, I left halfway through.  It was just a parade of people walked across the stage with Hickman creatively "killing" them. From my POV, the event need not be a Hickman-centric thing at all.

Obviously, humor is VERY subjective - but it was definitely not for me.  I've often wondered: What did I not get? What did those of you like about it that I obviously did not pick up on?

Posted by elvinlord funny-shaped dice

You definitely have to like improv comedy.  It was fun to sing along and watch people come up with funny back stories.  You could tell he really enjoyed doing the show.

Posted by quarex

It is probably a truism that if someone tells you "omg you HAVE to watch/do this thing, it is SO FUNNY AND AMAZING" there are equal 33.3% chances that you will love it, hate it, or literally have no idea how anyone even thinks it is interesting enough to comment about in the first place.

I imagine I have heard "you absolutely have to go to Killer Breakfast" dozens of times over the years, but whenever I watched footage of it I just felt like I was watching somebody's D&D campaign without any knowledge of the inside jokes and without any of the normal actual adventuring that might hook my interest otherwise.

Self-awareness note: The Auction is my favorite thing and ABSOLUTELY has to fall into the same category of "omg this is the best thing you are going to love it," leading to some people surely showing up during a 15-minute-long run of, like, quickly and unenthusiastically selling multiple copies of the same board game, and then the person leaving only to never return, wondering what all the fuss was about.

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