"Mask Break Tables Area?"
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There is also a sold out maskless Colts game this weekend
why do people on multiple threads keep referring to the game on the 19th as “sold out”? There are plenty of direct sales tickets left.actually thought about going, but I’ll be partied out by then. I attended a baseball game last month with attendance of 32k+, mask optional. No drama, felt fine, everyone had a good time. 

A lot of times games are listed as "sold out" when all of the tickets for the game are sold by the originating ticket provider. Third parties (such as the stadium box office, ticket-master, etc) purchase the tickets wholesale from the original provider and then resell them to the public. Of course, the ticket originator is going to say the tickets are "sold out" because they have distributed all available tickets to third parties. I am not sure about Lucas Oil Stadium, but some of the stadiums where I am from are like that. Perhaps this is why they are saying its sold out? 
plenty of tickets still available through the original ticket provider. Ticketmaster (link accessed directly from the official nfl website) marks which tickets are direct and which are resale.

anyway, my question was answered. Just hype from the news i guess. :)

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Good Morning CENSORED, 
Why yes I have been to Gen Con before, as a matter of fact this will be my 29th straight in a row GC. Thanks for asking
I must admit I have never  been dumb enough or desperate enough to buy any of the "crap" that they sell from inside the ICC. I guess people who do partake of said nutrients really are not too concerned about their health in the first place :) 
It  just seems odd that if you are trying to protect your revenue stream by asking them to be vaccinated, and requiring them to wear a mask indoors that you would have an opening, by design,  aka  chink in the chain mail. 
6 days!!!
Wow, start off with an Insult (Apparently), then got semi-nice. I asked because you give the impression you've never been before. You seemed pretty Clueless as to how things work in the Convention Center.  I'm sure you're a "Joy" to be around, and I imagine your real name MUST be "Richard", because you Certainly act like one.


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Okay, since you all can't play nice,   I'm taking away your toy. 

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