Roommate threw away stack of mail containing my badge!!!!!
Posted by asmodeusdm

While beginning prep for GenCon in two weeks I discovered that the stack of papers (containing my mail-it-to-me 4 day badge) that had been sitting on an end table had been thrown away by my roommate last week.

What am I supposed to do?????


Posted by lilyjade

Gen Con will be allowing those who have lost their badges to repurchase at the Con. They will have all your information already and will be able to see that you did indeed have a badge already. I would bring your ID and the credit card used for the original transaction. You will need to pay full price for a new badge.

Posted by asmodeusdm

Ugghhh well that sucks; but at least I can get a replacement ( I heard they were sold out).

Do you know where I would go? Customer service or just standard badge line?

Posted by austicke

Customer service. I wouldn't wait though. Email them now.

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Posted by alans

How long till they find the roommate's body?

Posted by cinnibar

Wait before disposal until the roommate reimburses you for the lots of money you are now out due to their habit of throwing out other people's mail. :D

Posted by garhkal

If anything i would tell that room-mate, he needs to either Reimburse you FOR the loss of YOUR mail, or can find someone else to be a room mate too.

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