Advice for one's first con ...
Posted by joe_franecki

Howdy All,

I've been to several Gencons and other conventions, dating back to the time Gencon was held in Milwaukee, but this will be my daughter's first con. Any advice (from organizers or others) on how to make this a good experience for her? Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by rhone1

What is the approximate age of your daughter?  I brought my daughter there when she was 11 and she had a great time.  She liked the dealer hall and demoing games.  She also really enjoyed seeing all the costumes and everyone dressed up in cosplay.  We stuck mostly to board games that were designed for younger players which was also great.  She would tell you, though, that her favorite thing to do was True Dungeon.  She literally never missed in combat and was able to help out with all the manual dexterity stuff having little fingers.

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