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Posted by chucullainn

Hi I attended last year and jumped at the chance to come back. I noticed there was a number of Education related things on the Wednesday, I am a primary school teacher. I wanted to attend some of these this year so I am looking at flying in to do some. I am coming from the UK so need to plan dates etc well in advance.

I am not sure if there is a ticket cost to these events. I see the trade ticket at $200 is mentioned but do these relate to the Education events as well.

If it is I won't be able to afford that so will have to miss out. If not I am very interested to see what RPG related things I can do in my classes next year.

Hope you can help


Posted by helenbb

There is no cost at all to any of the events, but you do have to purchase a Trade Day badge to gain access. The cost of the events is bundled into the Trade Day additional charge. All of the education events on Wednesday are ONLY for the Trade Day professionals.

I have been to Trade Day for the past few years and enjoy it very much. The seminars are eye-opening and there is a lot of opportunity to interact with other professionals in your field. If you have the chance to go, I highly recommend attending!

Posted by chucullainn

Thanks Helen only problem I will need to pay for it myself and its a lot for one day, more than the cost of the other four days. Shame it costs so much for the education side of things.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

The Trade Day badge includes a 4 day badge for the Con, so you are really only paying $90 extra for Wednesday.

Trade Day Info

Posted by chucullainn

Cool but $90 for one extra day for work related stuff on my holidays. It is a cool idea and I love teaching but it maybe a little much in the whole holiday costing. Thanks for all the help and advice guys.

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