Event / Venue Map?
Posted by jtrabue


this will be my first GenCon. Try as I might, I cannot find a map that shows where events are in the venue. Does one exist? Like preferably a nice printable one? 

Posted by smarty_213

https://gencon.eventdb.us/ has a maps tab for all locations, if that helps.

Posted by aldctjoc

You'll have a printable guide once the PDF version of the Gen Con program book comes out. You can look at former ones as examples, such as this one from last year: Link.

Maps are on p. 16 through 34. 

There are more program books available; that same site has the 2021 book as well. Others from years further back might be found in a Google search.

Keep in mind that there are multiple venues to pay attention to. Gen Con isn't contained in just the Indiana Convention Center, it also spreads out to rooms and the playing field of the nearby NFL venue (Lucas Oil Stadium, abbreviated "LOS" by most.) as well as the neighboring hotels. 

While you can print the maps out, it might be more sane to simply keep them as documents on a smartphone. I personally have been doing it that way for years. 

There is one, overall map here at this link, but I wouldn't try to print that one out. It's interactive, but it's also a bit balky; you may have to toggle controls, such as the "floors" setting in the upper right corner before you'll be able to drag the map around the screen.

Posted by austicke

The interactive map isn't updated for 2023 yet, which is a bit odd. It's usually updated way earlier than this. Hopefully soon.

Posted by mikeboozer

Working on it. Looking at next week.


Posted by austicke

Thank you for the update.

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